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Valesh Gopal

Frontend developer UI designer Frontend developer
I'm a front-end developer located in India. I love to create beautiful and smooth websites with great user experience.
I'm open to learning, adapt to work in a team, freelance opportunities, contract jobs and use skills to solve complex UI challenges and provide value to the growth of an organization.

About me

Hello! My name is Valesh, a frontend developer and an aspiring full-stack (MERN) developer.

The scope of my work is a large part of frontend which includes PSD to HTML, design, coding layouts, single page applications, responsive websites, web apps, CSS/JS animations, and other work based on web development and javascript.

I like to code things for web, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser. I'm always open to adapt to work with team and work on new frontend skills and technology.

My Skills








Node JS

Express JS





Please have a look at three portfolio projects with demonstration.

Coin List - Cryptocurrencies

React CSS

A display of top 50 cryptocurrencies with their details and real-time prices.


Track the price of each cryptocurrency and display it in real time with its 24-hour highs and lows and its historical fluctuations.


Fetching data using crypto API and displaying it in real time using state management in React.

Chat App Frontend UI

HTML CSS Javascript

A chat application user interface that enables a user to preview his/her chat messages.


  • โžค Edit profile name and designation
  • โžค Search your friends
  • โžค Preview chat messages with date and time


Made extensive use of DOM manipulation techniques that gave me a good practice to build fairly complex and functional javascript applications.

McDonald's India Clone


Had so much fun developing the clone of McDonald's India website(mcdindia.com). One of my first major projects in CSS that gave the necessary boost to my confidence in building complex layouts.


The primary challenge is to make the clone look as identical as possible to the original website. At first glance, the website looks overwhelming, but I focussed on one section and one component at a time. I'm happy with the way the clone turned out.

Additional Projects

Check out some additional projects, divided into categories.

Frontend UI Projects

Improving front-end coding skills by building real HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working on professional designs.

Javascript Projects

A demo of various javascript projects showcasing the understanding and implementatiion of ES6 features, DOM manipulation, asynchronous JS etc.

Figma Projects

UI designs for web and mobile designed in Figma. Demonstrates implementation of auto-layout, components and variants.

React Projects

A collection of React projects using functional components, hooks, react router, material UI and typescript.

Node JS Projects

Coming Soon!

Solidity Projects

Coming Soon!

My Blog

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